Teak Pro-Deck 500ml




This clear hydrophobic protective coating is perfect for protecting the teak whilst retaining the natural look as there are no UV inhibitors in this coating, the teak will fade as normal but with the added benefits listed below.
Wood Prodeck protects teak against water saturation, swelling, rotting and retards the growth of green mould, fungus and algae due to a silver additive. The coating allows the wood to breath and stops deep saturation making accidental spills much easier to clean up, any spills should be cleaned up immediatley. The treated teak repels water, oil and dirt making it easier to keep clean and eliminates the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and scrubbing.

  • Retards the growth of mould and algae
  • Resistant to sea water, salt spray and acid rain.
  • Free of silicones, waxes and oils
  • Easy clean surface.
  • Fast and easy application.
  • Reduces maintenace

Coverage: Approx  7 – 10m  per litre this will depend on the absorbency of the teak.

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