Speed Guard Auto 500ml

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Our latest upgraded formula offers more protection, more shine & improved self cleaning properties.

Keeping you car’s paintwork in showroom condition has just got easier, faster and more effective when using Speed Guard Paint Protection which can be applied in minutes to wet or dry surfaces compared to conventional car waxes.

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Speed Guard Auto 500ml | Replaces Car Wax  | Nano Coating Technology | Instant Durable Car Paint Protection Spray | Works On Car, Caravans and Motorcycles | Repels Dirt And Water | Can Be Applied To Wet Surfaces | Super Fast Application | Faster Than Car Wax And More Durable

Keeping you car’s paintwork in showroom condition has just got easier, faster and more effective when using Speed Guard Paint Protection which can be applied in minutes to wet or dry surfaces compared to conventional car waxes. Spray product onto a clean wet or dry surface and wipe dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

Speed Guard provides a Super Hydrophobic Coating that repels dirt, water and UV and leaves durable easy clean surface. High coverage, A Little Goes A Long Way, 500ml is sufficient for 4 applications on a medium sized car.

Speed Guard can also be applied to your glass, interior trims, matt surfaces and vinyl wraps


  • Super-Fast Application
  • Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Repels water, dirt, and UV
  • Faster and more durable than car wax
  • Leaves your Car in showroom condition
  • Can also be applied to Glass

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13 reviews for Speed Guard Auto 500ml

  1. Gareth bridger

    This product is incredible by far the best product on the market. I have been envolved with coatings on boats and cars in the past and also deal with selling meguiars products but none of these products come close to how easy and effective the speed guard product is. I wash my car with hot water coat it with speed guard which only takes 10 mins then just spray my car once a week with just water and it stays really clean and well protected it also really enhances the colour of my car which I love

  2. Rob

    Fabulous product no question. After years of washing/ waxing and polishing my cars to find a product that does it in one and offers better protection than anything I’ve used before. Gone are the days and days spent cleaning cars now it can be done in an hour or less and less often. Highly recommended thanks rob

  3. Michael Dykes

    This product is the mutts nuts.
    I own a Harley Davidson and keeping her clean is a chore. With Speed Guard I simple give her a good wash and apply. The surface does not have to be bone dry and also there is no residue left by this product like there is with waxing.
    I also coat all my chrome and metal work and the shine and protection it give to my entire bike is amazing.
    The durabiltiy of this product is truly outstanding.
    Most defiantly the way forward.

  4. Jonathan Haward

    The Speedguard Auto is truly amazing. It couldn’t be easier. After washing my beloved Porsche Cayman, it took less than 15 minutes to apply the Speed Guard Auto to the (damp) car with a Microfibre cloth. The result? Well, the finish is exceptional and I have literally got the showroom finish back that I would usually only get from a professional valet. Brilliant and cannot recommend highly enough…..

  5. Christopher Lumley

    I’m so impressed with this product so easy to put on and the shine it gives is out of this world the water just pours off paintwork so impressed I have ordered 2 ltrs of it

  6. J.M Rigby OakPark Plc

    This is the easiest car shine product I have ever used – the shine is very good for the effort required – spray on and wipe off – but the best bit is the amazing water repellent properties – rain is shed away as if by magic and when it comes to washing the car, the dirt just hoses off. The finish seems to last much better than traditional polish/wax so it’s win win as far as I’m concerned.

  7. John Wood

    With so many such products on the market today, was a gamble as to which one to try. I started with a small bottle and applied to Ford Galaxy in Shadow Black. Also Honda Jazz in Yellow . Went on easily and did 2 coats on each car. Now I have purchased the larger bottle

  8. Steve Marsh

    Brilliant got a great finish really pleased

  9. Kevin Sanders

    Great item works well if used every couple of weeks. Never found a product that lasts forever!
    Simple to use spray on and buff up. Great

  10. Simon Hoard

    This product does exactly what it says it’s easy to use all you need is two of the soft clothes , spray the car and use the first cloth to spread the liquid and the second cloth to dry and polish you can also put the Nano on your windshield and windows the rain will beads and it will improve your vision also your car looks fantastic I really recommend this product.

  11. Julian Barker

    Leaves a smooth, slick, very shiny surface which allows you to hose off light dirt instead of having to wash the car. Makes cleaning the paintwork and windows so much easier as dirty water just runs off. Not exactly cheap but a little goes a long way.

  12. oliver Towen

    Been using this a while now, works a treat. Hydrophobic qualities soon as it’s applied. Would recommend doing it on a super dry day and a little warm, do it in the shade. Apple, wipe and buff then admire your car

  13. Steven Berhens

    I Have Been Using For Over A Year Now And Its Very Very Good ! Car Always Looks So So Clean And It Takes Only Minutes To Use.

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