Speed Guard Auto 250ml

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Our latest upgraded formula offers more protection, more shine & improved self cleaning properties.

Keeping you car’s paintwork in showroom condition has just got easier, faster and more effective when using Speed Guard Paint Protection which can be applied in minutes to wet or dry surfaces compared to conventional car waxes

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Speed Guard Auto 250ml | Replaces Car Wax  | Nano Coating Technology | Instant Durable Car Paint Protection Spray | Works On Car, Caravans and Motorcycles | Repels Dirt And Water | Can Be Applied To Wet Surfaces | Super Fast Application | Faster Than Car Wax And More Durable

Keeping you car’s paintwork in showroom condition has just got easier, faster and more effective when using Speed Guard Paint Protection which can be applied in minutes to wet or dry surfaces compared to conventional car waxes. Spray product onto a clean wet or dry surface and wipe dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

Speed Guard provides a Super Hydrophobic Coating that repels dirt, water and UV and leaves durable easy clean surface. High coverage, A Little Goes A Long Way, 250ml is sufficient for 2 applications on a medium sized car.

Speed Guard can also be applied to your glass, interior trims, matt surfaces and vinyl wraps.


  • Super-Fast Application
  • Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Repels water, dirt, and UV
  • Faster and more durable than car wax
  • Leaves your Car in showroom condition
  • Can also be applied to Glass

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20 reviews for Speed Guard Auto 250ml

  1. Chris Ashley

    What a fantastic product easy to apply and durable. I had used speed guard on my girlfriend’s work car just to see how long it would last after 5 months I washed her car to find out it was still working great so I thought I would give it a top up which only took me 10 minutes to do. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  2. Anthony Bissett

    Firstly this product is amazing! I own a 1986 VW T25 camper. Having a vehicle of this this age means a lot of up keep. Due to her fragility I don’t really want to take her to a automated car wash or even a hand car wash for that matter, so this task has fallen to me, washing, drying, waxing, on a regular basis. This process has a normal time lapse of around 3 to 3.5 hours. I don’t mind… it’s part of the labour of love… so to speak. Then came along Speed Guard… I can now do all this in an 1 hour. The finish is amazing with the least amount of effort. An excellent product!

  3. Kayley Northover

    This product is fantastic! Easy to use and quick results

  4. Rob House

    Fabulous product no question. After years of washing/ waxing and polishing my cars to find a product that does it in one and offers better protection than anything I’ve used before. Gone are the days and days spent cleaning cars now it can be done in an hour or less and less often. Highly recommended thanks rob

  5. Lewis Harris

    Excellent Product! Faster & more durable than wax. Easy to use. Not only does it leave a great shine, the protective coating it gives, is second to none. I have used it on cars, vans, HGV’s & even my moutain bike to see how easy the dirt is to wipe off. Would recommend this product to anybody who doesn’t want to spent hours polishing, but still gets great results. Great work guys!

  6. Dan Parker

    “The Nanotech SST protection is simply brilliant! It’s extremely easy to apply and the results were instant. Once applied, it’s made cleaning the car a real quick job too.”

  7. Darren Taylor

    I am always so pleased cleaning my car with this product, it’s so easy to apply after washing the car, the best part you can apply it in the wet or dry…what a result that is…plus it don’t even leave any white marks like other brands do…makes it all nice and shiny again…

  8. Steven Behrens

    This is my 4th 250 litre bottle. It really does do what it says on the tin, so to speak. Virtually every time I clean my car I use Speed Guard as it does 4 things. 1. It continues to add protection to the car. 2. It makes it so much easier to clean and dry the car. 3. It leaves a terrific shine. 4. It’s very quick to use. Terrific product.

  9. John Hewitt

    We have been in vehicle detailing for nearly forty years and have used all sorts of products in that time. A whole new generation of car products have come into existence in the last few years and ‘Speed Guard’ is one of them. Again, we have tried so many of the car protection products on the market but this one really does what it says!! For our usage, we use it as a maintenance product to go with their ‘Nano Guard’ which is about to be launched to the public on Amazon. We have used ‘Nano Guard’ for over two years now with amazing amazing results and more importantly excellent longevity. Nano Guard is simple to use, you can’t get it wrong like some of the ceramic products around. We did a car two years ago with ‘Nano Guard’ and the customer know maintains the finish with ‘Speed Guard’ and apart from some micro scratching from washing the luster is as good as the day we did it. You can use ‘Speed Guard’ on any surface whether its waxed or not. The process is instant and simple and the water bobbles immediately and runs off leaving a shine to the paintwork. It can be done on a wet car after washing and hosed off or applied to a dry car and buffed off with a microfiber. We use nothing else now as we can’t better it. So watch out for the ;Nano Guard’ and you have all you need with the ‘Speed Guard’ to get and keep the luster look finish!

  10. Carl Sears

    Used this on my car a few weeks ago, must say very impressed with it. When it rains you can just see it come of your window screen. I have used it on my PVC windows too, and they have stayed lovely and clean. But love it on the car and now my car looks clean!!! Recommended.

  11. Paul Jones

    I have a white car which is gorgeous when it’s clean, unfortunately in the UK it’s never clean… Put this stuff on and the car still gets dirty but nowhere near as much and is much easier to clean. Not sure how long it will last but I love it. The car has a beautiful sheen when washed and the beading is amazing

  12. Peter Barker

    This product is amazing, yes the bottle is smaller than I expected but a little goes a long way.My car has had 2 application’s so far & still have enough for 1, maybe 2 more.
    I stay in the west of Scotland where it rains most days & the rain just beads off even after 3 months.Can’t understand why there are negative reviews, this product is amazing

  13. Gary James

    Have ordered speed guard before from nano, I am always so pleased with the results on my lovely shiny car-it looks brand new again 🙂 We now wouldn’t use anything else, this product does more than it says on the bottle 🙂 AMAZING!! Thank-you so much 🙂 would highly recommend this to all my friends and family.
    Also excellent and quick delivery as always.

  14. James Long

    This product is amazing!!!!!!! Just a few sprays cover a lot of surface with lasting shining effect. I will definitely buy again.

  15. Julien Banks

    It’s good, it’s easy to apply & is plenty left to do my car a second time, but though it does as good job of a wax finish does it doesn’t do quite what they claim as in where the water runs straight of the car, but it wouldn’t put me of buying again because it is the easiest polish/wax that I have ever used & gives an excellent finish, so yes I would buy again. Will see how long before I need to re-apply.

  16. Janson

    Absolutely fantastic product, it is so easy to use, simply spray one panel at a time then use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe off.
    The finish is a deep shine that lasts a long time, I am so delighted with this product that I shall order again when needed

  17. Christopher Willmont

    Product does exactly what its says. I applied this to my car and a few days later after leaving my car near a barn on the farm it was covered in bird mess. I turned the hose on to soak it all, it surprised me as It came straight off with cold water and all off.

  18. Colin Space

    Due to the weather I have been unable to use this product till now- just used it for the first time and impressed so far- very easy to use and leaves a great shine which seems to be water repellent – the weather for this weekend is appalling so we will see how it fairs through and after the coming downpour

  19. Mike Colins

    First time of using, found it easy to apply and see instant results and loved that you could use it on the windows and mirrors, plus one bottle did my car and my wife’s car and still had more, but I ordered another bottle as thought it a great product and great value for money.

  20. Jeff Borne

    It’s a great product easy to use and does a great job I would highly suggest people use it and see for yourself how great it is.

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