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Yacht Guard Polish 250ml | Cleans, Polishes & Protects All In One | Restores Dull & Oxidised Surfaces | Repels Dirt, Salt & UV | Can Be Used On Gel-Coat, Paint, Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic & Plexiglass | 

Yacht Guard Boat Polish is an innovative Nanotechnology Hybrid product that combines a micro-abrasive blend with the ability to apply a protective coating at the same time as polishing the surface. Yacht Guard Polish can be used on gel-coat, paint, stainless steel, brass, plastic & plexiglass. Now you can use one product to clean, polish and protect the surface in one easy step, reducing the time compared to polishing the boat then applying a boat wax.

Yacht Guard Polish has been developed to be sued by hand and can be used to remove light to moderate oxidation. After you have applied Yacht Guard the surface becomes extremely smooth and leaves a high gloss super hydrophobic coating that is easy to clean and maintain.

Yacht Guard is water based and is safe and easy to use, just polish the surface with a cloth (not a microfiber) an old T-Shirt will work fine. Once applied leave on the surface for about 5 minutes before removing the residue with a soft microfiber cloth.


  • Cleans, polish and protects all in 1
  • Repels dirt, salt & UV
  • Removes light to moderate oxidation
  • Can be used on gel-coat, paint, stainless steel, brass, plastic & plexiglass

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