Restoring your car’s gleaming appearance

The Car polish compounds available at Nanotech have been designed to return your car’s paintwork to its original state when it has been subjected to dirt, grime, stains, light scrapes, and scratches while out on the road. Non-abrasive in nature, these innovative options are ideal for enhancing an ageing vehicle’s appearance, giving paintwork an improved look and superior shine.

Handling scratches, scrapes and unwanted paint transfer

On the road and while parked, cars can experience a host of unwanted attention. From careless drivers and cyclists marking paintwork with paint from their own vehicles to pedestrians causing scratches as they squeeze past carrying bags. It is easy for these little hits to add up over time, prematurely ageing cars, but a car polish compound from Nanotech can help smooth out these small imperfections on old and new cars alike, creating a flawless finish.

Cleaning a wide range of rusting and stains

As well as light scratches, Nanotech’s car polish compounds can prove effective against low levels of oxidation, removing small signs of rust that are ruining your vehicle’s paint job. They also offer strong support for removing stubborn watermarks in paintwork as well as on glass areas of your car that conventional cleaners have struggled to cope with.

Rejuvenating your paint with a high shine

After your vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned, you can apply your car polish compound, rubbing it into your paintwork to restore the original shine with a built-for-purpose pad or microfibre cloth. All the grime and dirt that has accumulated over time which has been making your paintwork look dull and weathered will be removed by buffing, revealing your vehicle’s original gleaming appearance.

Whether you are looking to slow the ageing of an older model or preserve that high shine of your new ride, view the range of options available at Nanotech.

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