Car paint protection solutions from Nanotech are engineered to safeguard your car’s paintwork from a wide range of environmental factors that can cause it to deteriorate over time. Simple and swift to apply, these products can be ideal for car owners seeking premier protection that is easy to use.

Powerful defence against natural and man-made threats

Contaminants can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s appearance, so car paint protectors work as a sealant, shielding it against an extensive range of threats. While some dangers to your car’s paintwork are natural in origin like harmful rays from the sun, others are man-made, like the road salt created to protect drivers from dangerous weather conditions. UV rays can fade paint, while salts and their additives are exceptionally corrosive, eating into your vehicle’s exterior. Car owners using this protection will also find their vehicles defended against other unwanted airborne contaminants like pollen, tree sap and bird droppings.

Keep your car free from water, dirt, and debris

The car paint protection available from Nanotech have hydrophobic properties that enable them to repel water and can be applied whether a vehicle is wet or dry. Added after a wash, cars can enjoy powerful protection from not just water but dirt and dust as well. Additionally, cars that have been treated beforehand present a far smoother surface that’s easier to clean.

For ease of use, these innovative solutions can also be used on not just the painted parts of your car, but your windshield, matte surfaces, interior trims, and vinyl wraps.

Quicker to apply than conventional car wax, a dedicated car paint protection will also last far longer, and you’ll find a small amount will go a long way to giving you a new level of protection. When you want to retain that look that you’ve just driven away from the showroom, these effective options will deliver the right results every time. To find out more, contact us at Nanotech today.

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