Speed Guard Auto 250ml

5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 04 October, 2017 By John Hewitt
We have been in vehicle detailing for nearly forty years and have used all sorts of products in that time. A whole new generation of car products have come into existence in the last few years and 'Speed Guard' is one of them. Again, we have tried so many of the car protection products on the market but this one really does what it says!! For our usage, we use it as a maintenance product to go with their 'Nano Guard' which is about to be launched to the public on Amazon. We have used 'Nano Guard' for over two years now with amazing amazing results and more importantly excellent longevity. Nano Guard is simple to use, you can't get it wrong like some of the ceramic products around. We did a car two years ago with 'Nano Guard' and the customer know maintains the finish with 'Speed Guard' and apart from some micro scratching from washing the luster is as good as the day we did it. You can use 'Speed Guard' on any surface whether its waxed or not. The process is instant and simple and the water bobbles immediately and runs off leaving a shine to the paintwork. It can be done on a wet car after washing and hosed off or applied to a dry car and buffed off with a microfiber. We use nothing else now as we can't better it. So watch out for the ;Nano Guard' and you have all you need with the 'Speed Guard' to get and keep the luster look finish!